Garzone/Binney/McCaslin/Blais sax quartet tour!

Lundi, Décembre 9, 2019

The Four Visions saxophone quartet record launch tour with George Garzone, David Binney and Donny McCaslin starts in 1 week!! Here's the full list of concerts and all the facebook events! Hope to see you at one of the shows and thanks for sharing!

Dec. 12 - Palais Montcalm, Quebec City, 8pm(Q & A at 6:30pm)
Dec. 13 - Dièse Onze, Montreal, 10pm
Dec. 14 - O Patro Vys, Montreal, Masterclass, 1pm
Dec. 14 - Dièse Onze, Montreal, 6:30pm
Dec. 15 - The Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, Toronto, 9:30pm